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We coordinate study abroad experiences and teacher-led groups that highlight Mesoamerica’s extraordinary cultural diversity, ancient history, communal organization, and ecological diversity.

About Us

We are a diverse collective of travelers, educators, artisans, nature lovers, and program coordinators who are passionate about building bridges across the world through the power of experiential learning. Through our vast network of business partners and collaborators in the region we construct educational journeys that connect students with the ancestral cosmovisions that are at the heart of Mesoamerican cultures.

Our educational journeys accommodate professors from a wide range of academic disciplines.  We work with diverse departments such as Spanish, Latin American Studies, Archeology, Environmental Studies, Economics, History, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Food Studies, Religious Studies, and many more.


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On a life changing immersion experience that will cultivate your language skills, expand your horizons, build your confidence and develop international friendships that last a lifetime

Coyote Aventuras Edu works directly with professors and university staff to set out well-defined objectives and driving questions for study abroad courses.


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Our Services

Professor Led Groups

Customized educational journeys highlighting the perspectives of local community leaders who are actively transforming the region.

Alternative Breaks

Life-changing learning experiences through participation in a week of communal service, leadership building, and fun!

Gap Year Programs

Build confidence, learn another language, develop a global perspective, and cultivate essential skills for the future.

Summer Camps

Nature is our biggest teacher and we organize summer camps that encourage safe recreation outdoors, inspire curiosity, and form the innovators of the future.

Language Immersion

Take Spanish into the streets and build the necessary survival skills to better experience what makes México so special.

Volunteer Programs

Learn about regenerative travel and how sustainable ecotourism enacts a fundamental role in environmental conservation.

Inspire transformational personal growth

We coordinate all of the logistics such as transportation, accomodations, academic presentations, and educational activities with expert local guides to offer an enriching experience for students.


Engage in life-changing  learning.

Connect with communal and civil society leaders.


Educational Journeys


Mesoamerica is a culturally rich region that extends from Central México down to the northern tip of Costa Rica. 


Immerse yourself in a unique environment exploring elements of an ancient past and forming connections to an ever-evolving future.


Witness the pristine coastlines, snow-capped volcanoes, and natural biospheres that guard some of the world’s most delicate ecosystems.


Experience a radiant and colorful classroom surrounded by indigenous languages, traditional music, and tremendous Maya archeological sites.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of tremendous ecological diversity.  Its awe-inspiring volcanoes and lush tropical rainforests have influenced distinct forms of cultural production for centuries.

An educational journey…

incorporates a well-organized academic curriculum into real life inter-cultural exchange.

It facilitates learning outside of a traditional classroom providing space for real-life educational experiences that cultivate essential linguistic and social skills. Study abroad programs illustrate the common thread that unites all of humanity and form global citizens ready to combat the pressing challenges of our time. 

What do our travelers think?

Coyote Edu shifts power dynamics in education putting local communities in focus, generating educational activities that will definitely contribute to a better understanding across cultures, not to mention peace and justice across borders.

– Claudia Chapa Cortés, Tsikbal

Coyote Edu has consistently impressed me with their attention to detail.  They are organized, prioritize safety, and have a young vibrant staff with essential cultural knowledge, making experiences more fun for students.

-Dr. Sarah Portnoy, USC

My students and I are grateful to the Coyotes for a transformational educational experience. Not only did we learn through our experiences with them in Oaxaca but we felt a strong connection to them, the land and the communites they introduced us to.

-Dr. Genny Ballard, Centre College

This trip through time in Mesoamerica has been completely transformative. I have made unforgettable memories and have had the privilege to meet amazing people who have altered my outlook on life. I had the opportunity to truly immerse myself in nature and culture, while simultaneously absorbing history I once had no knowledge of, and I am beyond grateful for that privilege.

– Jasmine Castañeda UCLA Student