Let Latin America’s vibrant cultural centers be your next classroom.

We organize immersive educational journeys into the heart of Mesoamerica, illuminating how ancient civilizations of the past   contribute to an ever-evolving future.  Mesoamerica is alive and thriving, paving the way for a sustainable and dignified future.

See Latin America from a different perspective


Mesoamerica is a culturally rich region that extends from Central México down to the northern tip of Costa Rica. Dating back to 1500 BC, the Olmec culture emerged and established itself as Mesoamerica’s “Mother Civilization.” Many of the cultures that followed the Olmecs such as the Teotihuacán, Toltec, Zapotec, Mixtec, Maya, and Aztec adopted similar cosmological beliefs and cultural characteristics that originated in this mother culture. From tremendous metropolises meticulously constructed on ancient lakes, to vast urban centers with precise calendars and hieroglyphs relating cultural legends, Mesoamerica teaches us to connect with nature differently
Religious iconographic carvings with precise dates are engraved into Mesoamerican architecture. Indigenous scientific agricultural knowledge in this region produced some of today’s most essential crops such as maize, squash, beans, vanilla, tomato, cacao, and avocado.

Mesoamerica continues to evolve and it is fundamental to learn from the indigenous communities of today, uplifting their voices and experiential knowledge to confront global issues.

 Coyote Aventuras Edu takes students on educational journeys throughout Mesoamerica highlighting extraordinary contributions to modern society and illuminating how colonialism persists in the current challenges of the region. Come explore Mesoamerica with Coyote Aventuras Edu.


Oaxaca is one of Latin America’s most ethnically diverse cultural centers. Located between two vast mountain ranges extending across México, Oaxaca is a perfect place for immersive experiential learning.

In Oaxaca, students will have the opportunity to actively learn in one of Latina America’s unique cultural centers exploring ancient tradition and making connections to the present.

Oaxaca’s surrounding indigenous communities are centers for ancestral artisanry such as ceramics, weaving, and embroidery which have been passed down through generations forming essential parts of cultural identity. Our educational journeys emphasize connection with the environment through traditional rituals paying homage to nature’s deities, making students put down their phones, and engage with the natural world.

At Coyote Aventuras Edu we provide customized study abroad experiences with great attention to detail ensuring students interact with our diverse local staff in a safe, organized, and fun environment.


México is a place of deep aboriginal roots dating back to times when hunter and gatherer societies initiated a transition to agriculturally based civilizations through the domestication of crops like squash, beans and maize. Through these tremendous scientific discoveries sprung powerful Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Olmecs, Toltecs, Maya, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, and Aztecs. Thousands of years later this indigenous history remains very much alive, flourishing through vibrant art scenes, pristine archeological sites, exquisite cuisine, and the surrounding aboriginal communities actively maintaining their cultural traditions.

México’s diverse geographic landscapes include pristine coastlines, snow-capped volcanoes, and natural biospheres that guard some of the world’s most delicate ecosystems.

Studying abroad in México is increasingly important for North American students as political tensions rise and commercial relations expand throughout the region. We believe facilitating immersive study abroad experiences that highlight the commonalities we share as humans is fundamental to combatting corruption and discrimination. Constructing a brighter future between these two nations lies in our ability to understand each other and work together to combat the collective challenges.

Our educational immersion staff collaborates directly with professors, universities, and international education agencies to make sure programs address essential driving questions leading to a deeper multi-cultural understanding.


Guatemala is the birthplace of the Quiché Maya culture and where their origin story begins at Lake Atitlán described in the sacred text, Popol Vuh.  It is world renown for its towering volcanoes, unique biodiversity, spiritual ceremonies, and vibrant textiles symbolizing how ancestral crafts are passed down through millenia.

Guatemala is a place of tremendous archeological sites that tell intricate tales of complex civilizations.

Guatemala provides a radiant and colorful classroom where students will be exposed to indigenous languages, traditional music, religious syncretism and tremendous archeological sites that will deepen our knowledge of Maya culture.

Explore Guatemala with Coyote Aventuras Edu while grounding yourself in nature and making friendships that last a lifetime.