About Us

We coordinate study abroad experiences and teacher-led groups that highlight Mesoamerica’s extraordinary cultural diversity, ancient history, and ecological diversity.

During a Coyote Aventuras Edu experience, students engage with local universities, indigenous communities, civil society members, and master artisans providing ample opportunities for experiential learning. 

Students are exposed to the history of social movements through elaborate street murals, explore the archaeological sites of influential pre-contact Mesoamerican civilizations, and hike into the mountains to learn about the region’s rich biodiversity. Our educational experiences aim to connect students with the region’s natural landscapes. We pride ourselves on facilitating programs that emphasize our intrinsic links with natural spaces and our responsibility to uplift the ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples.

Our team is composed of proud Mesoamericans who hold an ancestral link to this region and the indigenous traditions that have been passed down through millenia.  We are Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Toltecs, Mayas and Mexicas.  Our educational programs set out the explicit goal of connecting students to Mesoamerican history, demonstrating the tremendous scientific discoveries of indigenous peoples and their extraordinary perseverance to maintain unique cultural customs.

Come join us on a life changing immersion experience that will expand your horizons, build your confidence, and develop international friendships that last a lifetime.

Our Core Values

 In our programs we emphasize the core values of mutual respect, empathy, endless curiosity, cross-cultural connection, communication, and a deep gratitude for the natural spaces we inhabit. Coyote Aventuras Edu will expose students to eye opening experiences and propel sincere transformations that prepare multi-cultural leaders to take on the challenges of the future.


At Coyote Edu, we uplift the voices of those not commonly heard in the academic space.  We learn from the day workers, street vendors, agricultural laborers, and the small business owners who are actively influencing positive change in Mesoamerica

Our Story

Coyote Aventuras Edu actively works to build bridges across the world and connect people through the power of experiential learning.

Coyote Aventuras Edu began through years of effort establishing profound connections with communities and business partners throughout Mesoamerica.  The success of our original regenerative travel project, Coyote Aventuras, illuminated possibilities to extend our social impact by working with students from all over the globe.  For over 7 years, Coyote has been dedicated to uplifting the knowledge of indigenous communities and advocating for the preservation of natural reserves throughout Latin America.

Education is at a key point of convergence where it is essential to critically observe previous methodologies in favor of a curriculum that highlights decolonization and places communal leaders in influential positions.  We promote an integrated approach where students learn from day laborers, small business owners, agricultural workers, civil society members, traditional medicine healers, and master artisan families.  All of this with the explicit goal of forming global networks of multicultural innovators dedicated to solving the complex issues of our time.

Our proposal in combating the climate crisis and working towards a future we all deserve focuses on facilitating inter-exchange and inspiring students.  During our programs, students develop linguistic and social skills that will undoubtedly serve them in their endeavors going forward.