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Organized experiences that prioritize safety with great attention to detail.  We provide in-depth immersion connecting students with the Mesoamerican indigenous knowledge.

We offer a wide range of services from professor-led groups to summer camp programs that contribute to forming global perspectives and enriching cross-cultural communication

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Professor Led Groups

We specialize in coordinating customized educational journeys that introduce students to the rich history of Mesoamerica, highlighting the perspectives of local community leaders who are actively transforming the region. We coordinate all of the logistical details such as transportation, educational activities, accommodations, expert local guides, food, and academic presentation spaces so that professors can concentrate on connecting with their students.

Available Year-Round

Contact us for more information about organizing a Faculty-led group.

Alternative Breaks

Coyote Aventuras Edu organizes alternative breaks that emphasize communal service, leadership building, and fun! Our alternative spring and winter break programs can be customized to fit the skills you would like to learn. Are you passionate about environmental conservation, sustainable bio-construction, artisanal crafts, or organic permaculture? We coordinate alternative spring breaks that connect you with communal leaders and civil society organizations in the region to ensure you make lifelong friends, while cultivating the necessary skills to confront the most pressing issues of our time.

Available every Winter and Spring Break

Contact us for more information about organizing an Alternative Break Program.

Gap Year Programs

If you’re looking to build confidence, learn another language, develop a global perspective, and cultivate essential skills for the future, the Coyote Aventuras Edu gap year program is perfect for you. Our gap years concentrate on connecting community engagement with service learning, outdoor adventures, and environmental conservation to prepare students to combat pressing global issues. Gap year programs allow students to take a step away from the academic space and engage in life-changing experiential learning. 

Available Year-round

Contact us for more information about Gap Year enrollment.

Summer Camps

Nature is our biggest teacher and we coordinate outdoor experiences that develop important leadership skills. Summer camps focus on hands-on learning, outdoor adventures, and environmental conservation. Come join us on summer camp adventures that will strengthen your bonds with natural spaces emphasizing ways to responsibly recreate outdoors.

Available every Summer

Contact us for more information about the enrollment process…

Language Immersion

Do you want to cultivate Spanish skills in real world situations that will help build your confidence to travel around Latin America? Are you the type of person that learns through exploration outside of the classroom?

Coyote Edu language immersion programs take Spanish outside of the classroom and into the streets so that you can build the necessary survival skills to better experience what makes México so special. Travel outside of downtown and into the community where you learn how to interact in markets, speak with expert artisans, and learn about social movements.
At Coyote Edu you will not only learn Spanish, but will also be immersed in indigenous languages such as Zapotec and Mixtec. This is not simply a language program, but a life-changing international experience that will open your heart to the immense cultural diversity of México.

Available Year-round

Contact us for more information about Language Immersion enrollment…

Volunteer Programs

Are you looking to expand your horizons while participating in meaningful work and learning essential skills for the future? Our volunteers work within the Coyote Edu team to actively participate in regenerative travel and learn how sustainable ecotourism enacts a fundamental role in environmental conservation. We also pair volunteers with our network of NGOs on the ground depending on their skillset and what they would like to learn.

Coyote Edu believes in reciprocal volunteer programs that benefit our NGO partners in the civil society sector as well as volunteers. Our programs are not for voluntourists. We look to contribute to sustainable communal growth and provide resources to local organizations advocating for change.

Available Year-round

Contact us for more information about Volunteer Program enrollment…

Do you have a specific movement that impassions you? Are you inspired to contribute to the region?

If you have any questions about our trips or are looking to design something special, please reach out to the Coyote Aventuras EDU team.